Biological Dentistry: The Safest Form of Dentistry

By Cate Cummings FNP IFMCP

This month I would like to share with you the importance of working with a biological dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums and a healthy oral microbiome (which is the balance of microbes within our mouths).

A most fortunate aspect of my Texas location is that I live about an hour away from one of the very best biological dentists in the United States. His name is Dr. Stuart Nunnally and his practice is called Nunnally Freeman & Owens. Healthy Smiles For Life. He is located in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Nunnally has been both my dentist and my husband’s dentist for the past several years. Our health has greatly benefited from his dedication to helping people have healthy teeth and a healthy oral microbiome!

Dr. Nunnally has clients come to his Texas office literally from all over the world! He has a genuinely kind and friendly personality and is an expert at helping people restore their oral health back to an optimal state. By doing so, his...

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