Here are two exceptional American Ecole de Legerete trainers and one exceptional Western Saddle-Maker!

 Brenda Crist of Maryland

Brenda Crist M.Ed. has 30 years of experience teaching riders and training horses. As a certified educator and Licensed Counselor, she has an exceptional understanding of how to adapt instruction to the individual student's needs. Brenda was brought up in the hunt seat tradition and, when she decided to pursue dressage, quickly found her way to the French School. She has studied the French School extensively and is a student in Philippe Karl's School of Legerete, having passed three of her four exams for certification so far. Brenda is available for lessons in south central Pennsylvania and the Frederick Maryland area. She travels to teach clinics and is also available for remote lessons via video or live streamed instruction. You can email Brenda at [email protected]

Linda Kaye Hollingsworth Jones of Idaho

Linda Kaye Hollingsworth-Jones, owner and head trainer of Willow Grove in Emmett, ID ( has consistently sought out what’s most honoring, respectful and kind for the horse. She maintained these attributes throughout her lifetime exploration of disciplines as diverse as western events, dressage, and carriage driving. At Linda Kaye's  Willow Grove center you will find the horses’ education presented in the clearest, most efficient way possible while maintaining mental clarity and physical suppleness.  The road to this goal is the method preserved and taught by the Ecole de Légèreté.  Founded by Philippe Karl, this progressive education is based in the teachings from the very first academic horsemen of Europe taught and passed on through the ages. It is the truly classical alternative to current forceful methods.  Not surprisingly, Linda chose this method because of the clarity of the teaching and the well-being of the horse being central throughout. Linda became licensed at the Foundation Level in 2017 and at Level 1 in 2018. 

Doug Cox

Doug’s masterful saddle-making combines function and fine art in a tribute to the traditional west.  His experience both in the saddle and at the workbench are what make his saddles and leatherwork known worldwide. 

Doug takes time to work with his customers one on one to create exactly what they are searching for.  Everything he builds is custom from design to fit and comfort for both horse and rider.  He takes pride in his work and is a true craftsman and horseman.  Take a look at his website, if you don’t see what you are searching for or have questions give him a call or email.  He is always happy to share his vast knowledge, answer your questions, and get you what you are looking for.


[email protected]

You can read Doug's bio here and click any of the images below to see them in more detail on Doug's site.