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Every day we at BWC For Horse Lovers have one goal in mind – to help horse people be as healthy in mind, body, and spirit as possible, so that they can enjoy their horses longer and more fully.  This page of the website is all for YOU, the horse person!

Our Basic Premise: All horses need healthy, happy people to help them have the best lives possible. And, all horse people love to feel well all the time, but especially when they are with their horses. That is what we are all about!

BWC For Horse Lovers is all about helping you feel your best whether you are with your horses or doing anything else you are passionate about.

Your Four-Part Client Journey

From discovery to annual membership

1. Join Up Discovery Call

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2. Ground Work for Virtual Visit

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3. Warm Up Virtual Visit

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4. Ride On Membership

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1. Join Up Discovery Phone Call

In the world of horses, this is the moment when the horse decides the human is safe to be with and the horse accepts the human’s leadership and wants to partner with the human.  Here at BWC For Horse Lovers, Join Up is the time when you have a free Discovery Phone Call with Cate Cummings APRN, FNP, IFMCP, ReCODE 2.0 Certified Practitioner..

  • This is a free consultation!
  • 15-30 minute phone visit
  • You can explain your health concerns to Cate
  • Cate listens and tells you whether she can help you.
  • If you both agree that working together is right, then you can move on to Ground Work and the Warm Up Visit!
Make a FREE Discovery Phone Call

2. Ground Work in Preparation for the Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit

Your ground work includes the tasks that you will need to complete in order to receive the most value from your Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit. Just as we horse people often do some Ground Work as a way to assess our communication and understanding of the horse before riding, likewise in our practice we request that you do a few important things before we can begin to work together in earnest prior to your Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit:

1. You first need to register as a New Patient on the Patient Portal of our EMR.

2. You will then need to fill out the New Patient Intake Forms which you will find on the Patient Portal of our EMR.

3. You will need to complete the appropriate baseline lab tests.

Once these three Ground Work steps have been completed you may schedule your Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit!

3. Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit

This is your first in-depth virtual visit with Cate Cummings APRN, FNP, IFMCP, ReCODE 2.0 CP

  • 60-90 minute in-depth Zoom visit with Cate
  • Review your current health concerns and health history
  • Review your New Patient Intake Forms information
  • Review your baseline laboratory results
  • Cate will create a personalized, step-wise functional medicine Treatment Plan for you.
  • Invite you to our Ride On Membership for your continuing health success!
Please Schedule A Discovery Phone Call first to qualify you to then schedule your Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit!

4. Ride On Membership in BWC For Horse Lovers

Just as when working with a horse, once you and the horse have joined up, done some groundwork, and warmed up, it is very nice to then feel fully prepared to ride on to whatever adventure you have planned. In very much the same way, in BWC For Horse Lovers, once you have completed the Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit, you most likely will be eligible to accept our invitation to join the Membership of our practice. This is what Ride On is all about!

  • 12-month Membership to ensure lasting, positive lifestyle change
  • 5 hour-long virtual visits with Cate to identify and correct health indices
  • Educational classes by Cate to deepen your health knowledge (when these become available!)
  • 10% off Membership price if paid in full upon joining, or use our convenient payment plan for Members





Pricing for BWC For Horse Lovers

1. Join Up Discovery Phone Call - no charge

2. Ground Work Baseline Lab Tests - in general, between $300.00-$400.00 

3. Warm Up Foundational Virtual Visit: $375.00

Educational Classes and Courses for Ride On Members (when they become available!). Our apologies, there has been a delay in making these classes as we have been very busy with advanced training to help serve our clients better!

As a service to our Members, BWC For Horse Lovers will be offering some very important educational opportunities so that you can gain a deeper understanding of why your treatment plan is designed the way it is. Some classes are taught by Cate and include:

  1. Why You Gut Health is So Important to Your Overall Health
  2. Understanding How To Live Strong and Well in Our Toxin-Challenged World
  3. Your Non-Stop Helper, Your Immune System
  4. How Hormones Impact Our Health
  5. Why Knowing Your Functional Genomics Helps Personalize Your Health Program Even More!

These classes are designed to educate you on the fundamentals of what you need to know so that you can make informed decisions about your health care choices. These are available on a members only basis on our website.

All of these classes are free to the members of BWC For Horse Lovers and they can be watched over and over again. You will want to access this Members Only section of the website throughout the year to check for new classes and courses as they become available.

Costs That Are Not Included in the Above Fees


Laboratory Tests

The cost of any laboratory test (either in preparation of your Warm -Up Foundational Virtual Visit, or later on in the Ride on Membership) is a separate fee. Cate will give you detailed instructions as to how and where to get your laboratory testing done  to ensure that you have the best lab testing experience for the lowest possible cost! 

Other Health Promoting Recommendations

While we are all for objective data from laboratory tests, we acknowledge that we are much more complex beings than our already very complex physical body, and therefore we try to help you uncover other possible contributors that may be involved in a health challenge. We can refer you to the appropriate resources as needed when you may need help that is outside of our areas of expertise.

Products For You and Your Horse

On the BWC For Horse Lovers website we have recommendations for products that help keep our lives as safe and healthy as possible. Cate is an affiliate for some of the products she recommends, but not for all of them. So, if you purchase products from this website, Cate may receive a small commission. Even in this case, the price for the product is not any higher than it would be if you bought it elsewhere. Cate’s goal here is to help you find super healthy products for your lifestyle which should aid your health promotion in one convenient place, here on the website for BWC For Horse Lovers.

Prescription Medications

In order to become a Ride On Member of BWC For Horse Lovers, you must already have established a relationship with a Primary Care Provider. Our goal at BWC For Horse Lovers is to help you become as healthy as possible which, when accomplished, may decrease or negate your need for prescription medications, but this would only be done in consultation with your Primary Care Provider. Collaboration is key!

Since Cate works in the realm of functional medicine and not primary care medicine, she is not going to be able to prescribe or refill your regular medications. You must consult with your Primary Care Provider for such needs.

However, Cate also recognizes that there is a time and place for Clients to optimize their health further with, for example, bioidentical, compounded hormone prescriptions to support your overall health. She is trained to provide this type of prescription to support your health goals. But, always remember that the body is very complex and all the fundamental lifestyle factors must be addressed as well.

If Cate does prescribe something like a bioidentical hormone product, you pay the Pharmacy directly for this product.

Ride On Maintenance Membership After the First Year

After completing the first year of Membership in BWC For Horse Lovers, you are very welcome to continue on your journey with us through our Ride On Maintenance Membership Package so that you can keep your health success going forward and hopefully even improve your health further. The Maintenance Plan also runs for 12 months at a time. The monthly membership fees are specific to each package option, but perhaps you will graduate from the Walk-to-Trot Membership Package to the Canter Membership Package, or even the Jump Membership Package! The Membership Package includes:

  • 5 hour long visits with Cate.
  • Members Only educational classes when they become available!
  • 10% off the Membership price when paid in full.

All laboratory work and supplementation costs are in addition to the cost of your Maintenance Membership in BWC For Horse Lovers. 

Cate wishes you the very best on your health journey! She is here to help you and she wants you to succeed!

Your success is Cate's goal. She wants you to be super healthy and happy with your horses!

MAKE YOUR HORSE PROUD by being well in every way, every day! :)

May the Horse Be With You Always!


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