For Your Horse

This page is all about wonderful resources to help your horse stay healthy! These resources are ones that Cate personally uses for her horses and believes in them!

Safe Hay!

In Texas, we have two sources of excellent hay for our horses:

Hay USA, Inc

This is your reliable source for some of the highest quality horse hay in Texas. They sell Timothy, Giant Bermuda, and Alfalfa hay (and other excellent hays) which are grown in California and shipped to Texas. While it is not certified organic hay, it is the cleanest, chemical-free hay you can buy for your horse. There are no conditioners used to dry the hay; it is naturally sun-dried. All of this hay is non-GMO as well.

When I lived in Texas, I bought the Giant Bermuda hay and my horses LOVED it! The owner is Liz Blitzer and she is super nice, always helpful, and does a magnificent job of making sure her hay barn is always full of these excellent hays. Customers drive hours (and even from other states) to Hay USA in Weatherford, Texas, to ensure that their horses have the best hay available. Thank you, Liz!

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This is a special alfalfa forage suitable for all livestock including horses. It is grown in the high desert near Dell City, Texas. It is non-GMO and no herbicides are used. The hay is naturally fermented to make it more digestible and provide more nutrient availability for horses and other livestock.

I know my goats, chickens, and dogs like to eat it, too! My horses absolutely LOVE Chaffhaye! Chaffhaye is sold through distributors across the United States. It does come in a plastic bag, which I wish was more environmentally friendly, but hopefully you can recycle plastic where you live. Thank you Chaffhaye!

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In Colorado and Idaho, excellent horse hay sources are:

  • Chaffhaye as described above, it is sold throughout the United States through dealers such as local feed stores.
  • If anyone knows of other excellent horse hay in Colorado or Idaho, please let us know at info@bwcforhorselovers and then we can post it here. Thanks!

Specialty Equine Veterinarian

I began working with Dr. Mark DePaolo, DVM, for my two horses’ health in February, 2020. My mare was diagnosed in January, 2020 with a benign ovarian tumor by my wonderful regular veterinarian. I did a lot of research online about her condition and in the process I found Dr. DePaolo. He is located in Pilot Point, Texas, but he can treat any horse anywhere with his very advanced Horse Hair Analysis (HHA) testing. I have completed this test on both of my horses in 2020, in 2021, and 2023 as Dr. DePaolo advises to recheck your horse yearly with the HHA.

As part of the analysis package, you may have a phone consultation with Dr. DePaolo where he reviews your horses' HHA tests results. Dr. DePaolo then makes up a personalized supplement which is designed to help your horse become replete in the essential minerals and to also help your horse detoxify from toxic metals naturally. This is just like human functional medicine as the horses' nutritional prescriptions are based on objective testing and individualized for each horse! My horses have remained on his nutritional program ever since. It is very exciting and encouraging to see the positive changes in their HHA results over time as well as see the glowing health of my horses! I am very grateful for the pioneering work that Dr. DePaolo has done to help our equine friends.

I am also very grateful to Dr. DePaolo because he has been there to help me get through some challenging situations with my horses (including herbicide exposure from neighbors while living in Texas). I cannot thank him enough for devoting his life to helping horses and teaching their caretakers the best ways to help their horses stay as healthy as possible. He is both your friend and your horses’ friend! Thank you so much, Dr. DePaolo. 😊 

You can find him here.

Effective Safer Horse Fly Repellent!

Ecovet Fly Repellent is my go-to fly deterrent for the last 3 years. It is the best one I have found to keep all flies (including the very annoying Bot Flies), ticks, and mosquitos away from my horses for at least several hours. I love seeing my horses grazing out in the field with quietly hanging tails and no flies on their faces. I apply it by wiping it on while wearing nitrile gloves. The original scent is not a bother for me and I can tell the horses do appreciate the application as I believe they know it helps them have a much more tranquil day. Please check it out at