Special Feature Article for March at BWC For Horse Lovers! The Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker! My New Favorite Cooking Pot!

In my constant search to further my understanding of human health, a while back I was focusing on lectins as taught by Dr. Grundy, MD.

Dr. Grundy advises that by pressure cooking lectin-rich plant foods such as beans, one can mitigate the negative effects of lectins (1). Lectins are essentially plant defense compounds that when eaten by humans can act as anti-nutrients which may block absorption of vital nutrients in our gut and also can increase intestinal wall permeability which is known as Leaky Gut (2).

That got me thinking about how a long time ago I had an old-fashioned yet well-made pressure cooker that I used often. But, I do not have that cooking pot anymore.

So, I decided to search for a new pressure cooker and low and behold I found a true gem of a pressure cooker! And, an excellent company to buy it from as well! That is what I would like to share with you in this article.

I discovered the company, Culinary Habana, which is owned by Kimberly Batarse and located in California. She is the USA distributor for the very high-quality French cookware company, Sitram. I loved learning about this French company and their very high standards for cookware! Finding this has vastly improved my cooking! I went ahead and ordered the 10 L Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker which is their largest size.

In the United States, (except for Hawaii) when you order such a wonderful pot from Culinary Habana, the shipping only costs $13.00! Far more important than that was the amazing customer service I received from Kimberly at Culinary Habana. I remember I had a couple of questions the evening I was online thinking about purchasing this pot. I sent my inquiry email off never expecting to hear back for a few days. Well, to my great surprise, Kimberly wrote me back that evening! And, she always followed up on my other emails in a very timely manner as well. So, hands down, Kimberly is very attentive to her customers and tries very much to help them with any questions they may have about her products. That was just a great plus that really made me feel I had found a company that I could actually enjoy working with. Isn’t it RARE to find a nice company to work with these days?

The pot arrived quickly and I began using it. It is a very well made stainless steel cooking pot that does an phenomenal job of helping make very high quality meals in a much quicker time period than you would ordinarily think you could cook it in! For example, I can cook black beans (that I had soaked overnight) to perfection in 40 minutes – could you ever do that without a pressure cooker?  I know it would normally take me a few hours with many visits to the pot with my wooden spoon stirring them around so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pot. But, with the SitraPro Pressure Cooker, I can literally put the soaked beans (with fresh water) into the pot and 40 minutes later they are well-cooked and ready to use!

The SitraPro Pressure Cooker is a huge time saver for me. I can have all of the ingredients lined up ready to go into the pot… chopped vegetables, a protein such as meat, and sufficient liquid and I can have a meal beautifully cooked and ready to eat in 15 minutes! And, I only have one pot to clean up at the end of the meal which is also delightful!

Afterward, cleaning this pot is very easy and once dried it retains its beautiful look. The gasket which lines the lid is very sturdy and SitraPro states it will perform well for at least one year. I do believe them as it is a high quality gasket, for sure. Through and through,  this pot is a winner and will make you smile whenever you work with it!

And, guess what folks? Kimberly is a horse lover, too! That makes her and her company, Culinary Habana, even more appealing to horse lovers such as yourself. Please take a look at her website, give her a call at 310-606-9274, or email her at [email protected] and make her acquaintance. You will be glad that you did!

Kimberly is also offering through my practice, BWC For Horse Lovers, wonderful pricing on another line of the excellent stainless steel Sitram French cookware that she carries, Horeca R. I will be posting this up on the For The Horse Lover page pretty soon so please check this out! 

Kimberly is continuing the legacy of her Dad, Issa (he was also a big horse lover) in providing the Sitram line of cookware to Americans as it was her father who first brought this fine line of French cookware to the United States back in the 1970s.  I am personally grateful that he recognized the high quality of Sitram as this has made it possible for me now to be cooking with this pot myself!

Besides the significant time savings the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker can provide you in the kitchen, it also has another very significant plus. It helps tenderize foods! This became very evident to my husband who is now able to eat the vegetables and meats much  more easily than when I would cook them in a conventional cooking pot. Somehow, in the process of cooking under pressure in the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker, it breaks down fibers more quickly and readily. This has been very helpful for my husband who would often find it difficult to chew some of my homegrown vegetables for example. As a result of cooking in the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker, he is enjoying his dinners significantly more because the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker really does enhance the ease and enjoyment of eating vegetables and meats. Thus, by breaking down anti-nutrients such as lectins, the increased digestibility and nutritional value of the foods cooked within the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker is increased in my opinion. Both my husband and I have come to the conclusion that it makes eating so much more enjoyable because everything tastes so good when cooked in the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker! It’s a wonderful kitchen addition! It is most definitely now my go-to-cookware!

I do love the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker and if you are looking to try  a better way to cook, save time in the kitchen (so that you can be outside with your horse more!), make meal preparation easier and so much quicker while increasing the nutritional value of the food, then I strongly recommend that you contact Kimberly Batarse at Culinary Habana and inquire about the products she offers such  as the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker. I truly believe you will thank yourself for adding this important, superbly well-made and versatile cooking vessel to your kitchen!

Bon appetite! ๐Ÿ˜Š



  1. https://gundrymd.com/remove-lectins
  2. https://drgundry.com/philosophy

Here is a Special Note from Kimberly Batarse, owner of Culinary Habana, and the exclusive USA Distributor of Sitram cookware!

Sitram USA is proud of our brand, proud of our products and their reputation. Since 1963, the Sitram brand has stood for quality and user-friendliness. 

Cooking is an activity that carries values โ€‹โ€‹of generosity, sharing, creativity which go far beyond the need to eat. It is this core business of culinary and conviviality, which makes the quintessence of our family and social relations, and leads us daily to seek the best technical, practical and aesthetic developments for our product ranges.

Our commitments today are clear: Continue to promote these positive and unifying values, support our customers in implementing their desire to “cook real”, and put in place the means to guarantee the best environmental and social quality in the area. part of our production, to bring our contribution to the preservation of our quality of life today and tomorrow.

Culinary Habana (WBENC Certified: WBE2100027) is the exclusive distributor for Sitram in North America. Our mission is to distribute high quality cookware to professional chefs and home cooks.

More information available upon request: (310) 606 9274 | www.sitramusa.com


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