Drifter's Hearts of Hope Horse Rescue

horse rescue Dec 31, 2020

By Cate Cummings APRN, FNP, IFMCP

Drifter’s Hearts of Hope is a dedicated horse rescue in Franktown, Colorado. When you learn about this outstanding organization, you will see how admirable their work is and how you can become involved in helping these magnificent rescued horses have a second chance in life! 

It all started with a horse named Drifter, who was saved from slaughter and went on to be a very special companion to a young girl. This young girl and her friends then went on to try and rescue other horses, and that is how this truly great organization came into existence! What a touching story!

Drifter’s Hearts of Hope (DHOH)is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to circumventing the horse-slaughter pipeline. Their goal is to place as many of the horses they rescue as possible into deserving, loving, forever homes. And they are doing a fantastic job as they have saved over 500 horses in Colorado! They also plan on expanding to help horses in other states as well!

Their slogan is Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome. Repeat.

The people who run DHOH are a very active group of volunteers who are dedicated to saving horses from suffering and needless slaughter. Among their many good works, they began The Annie Project (named after a very sweet former dude ranch mare who was saved from slaughter and found a most excellent loving home through DHOH). The Annie Project is specifically designed to keep retiring dude and guest ranch horses out of auction. Instead, they come to DHOH and are rehomed as excellent and experienced trail/ranch horses.

They have also created the COVID-19 Equine Assistance Program (an emergency hay and feed bank) which is helping horse owners who are struck with financial hardship during these trying times so that they can still provide feed for their horses. This is very helpful as it keeps horses with the owners who love them!

When a horse comes to DHOH, they are so blessed. No matter what their health status, they are given the best care and once they are back to health they can then be put up for adoption to a deserving home.

Please consider helping DHOH with direct donations to DHOH:

  • by check to DHOH, P.O.Box 888, Franktown, CO 80116
  • through the platform Venmo: @DriftersHeartsofHope
  • through Paypal

You can also donate to DHOH through smile.amazon.com. And, you can even donate each time you grocery shop at King Soopers or Krogers by using your loyalty card! What a great idea! You can also shop on their website for gifts and clothing that will help support their efforts.

I am truly impressed with DHOH! You will love what they do and want to be a part of helping these magnificent horses have the life they deserve!

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