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horse rescue Jun 30, 2021

When a person views the Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) website (, I think you might easily get the feeling that these people are very serious (with a positive mindset and a lot of energy for their mission!) about saving every horse in need in Colorado and beyond. They are a very devoted team that has been hard at work at rescuing horses since 1986 – that is 35 years of service to save equines!

The new logo (created in 2019) for the CHR depicts their Rocky Mountains roots and the way a horse holds his ears when he is alert and perky! This is reflective of their “forward facing mentality.” They dare to imagine a world where “no horse falls through the cracks.”

CHR was founded by Sharon Jackson and Jill Pratt and became a 501(3)(c) non-profit in 1988.

Currently, the Executive Director of CHR is Katherine Gregory, and the Operations Manager of CHR is Rachel Corbman. 

Katherine Gregory, Executive Director


Rachel Corbman, Operations Manager


I really like this statement by CHR:

“We are Colorado Horse Rescue, and we believe that it’s up to us — all of us — to create new traditions in the best interest of horses, humans and the partnership we share.”

I agree! I am always trying to improve on what is best for my horses and myself, so that we can have a successful long lasting partnership together!  :)

Flynn born to his rescued mom at CHR! 


CHR has very clear Priorities:

Rescue: They understand when owners can no longer keep their horse(s) and will relieve the person of their equine without judgement. They are always on the lookout for horses in unsafe conditions and try to prevent as many as possible from going to slaughter at the sale barn.

Educate: They envision humans treating horses with dignity and not as “tools or sports equipment.” They have many educational classes to help people become responsible horse owners and recognize their equine as a genuinely special member of their family.

Care: They care about the well being of each horse and want each horse to reach its full potential. To help make that a reality, they use the highest level of care in their rescue work , rehabilitation, and training of the equines who come to CHR. They don’t accept complacency. Instead, they work to “wake up and unite the equine industry to give every horse the life they deserve.” CHR is compassionate and will be there to help when a horse needs that final last act of kindness to help it in its passing.

Adopt: They imagine a world “where every horse is valued.” CHR has a “strategic” process of matching a person to a horse that has resulted in a remarkably low rate of people returning a horse they have adopted. They accomplish this by building long-lasting solid horse-human relationships!

 The top photo is of Davos upon arriving at CHR, and the bottom photo is of Davos all restored to full health by CHR and ready for adoption to his forever loving home! 


CHR has some key truths they want you to know about rescue horses:

  • Most horses who wind up at CHR are not neglected and abused horses.
  • Approximately 60% of the horses that come to CHR are from owner surrender and thus their new adopter can have a full understanding of their former medical and training history. Admirably, the owners who surrender their horse want to do what is best for the horse!
  • CHR regularly has a variety of horse breeds and over 70% of the horses are rideable and ready for their new life in equine performance or pleasure activities.


CHR has Innovative Programming such as:

  • The Right Horse Initiative Training Program - Colorado State University’s Equine Science Program students learn from the rescue horses while they help CHR get them ready for adoption.
  • LeadChange Colorado – helps business people develop leadership and teamwork skills while working with the CHR horses. In 2019, they had 99 people take part in this training who came from both national and international businesses!

CHR is blessed with many donors as well – from Foundations, to Businesses and a whole lot of individuals!


The Horses at CHR:

Available Horses Up For Adoption – currently there are almost 3 dozen beautiful, healthy horses ready to find their forever loving home! They have a wide selection of horse breeds in this current group including Appaloosas, Arabians, Morabs, Morgans, Mustangs, Paints, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Warmbloods! Certainly, most anyone could find a lovely horse to adopt at CHR!

Besides keeping up to 60 horses at the actual CHR site which is located on 51 acres in Longmont, Colorado, CHR also has free Courtesy Listings on the CHR website of horses who are still at their current owner’s homes, but who for various reasons need to find their new forever home.

Be a Foster Home for a Horse in Need through CHR – there are over 120,000 horses in the United States that are unwanted and need a second chance in life. There is not enough room at the horse rescues, so many rescues, like CHR, depend on foster homes to help the horses out. At CHR, you can be a foster home for a horse in 3 ways:

  • Training Foster: Help the horse out by providing some training to the horse so that they can have a greater chance to find their forever home.
  • Companionship Foster: If you have room, perhaps you can foster the horse as a companion horse who can help keep other animals company!
  • Forever Foster: Help an older horse through their golden years and help them have a safe, peaceful passing. This is called the Forever Foster program.

The benefits to you as a foster home are:

  • Tax Deductions – you may be able to deduct any out-of-pocket expenses that arise from caring for a foster horse.
  • Lasting Bonds – a foster family may discover that they love the horse they are fostering so much that they would like to adopt the animal permanently. In this case, the foster family can apply for adoption of the horse.

CHR has a very successful matching process (for both fostering and adopting) when it comes to pairing a horse with a person! It begins with an online questionnaire that helps you and CHR become clear on the type of horse you hope to find at CHR, your level of experience with horses, and a reference. Once that is submitted, CHR will be in touch with you about which of their horses would be a good match for you. Then, you can make an appointment to visit the horse at CHR at least twice before you can take the horse home. CHR makes sure the horse's living situation will be adequate and if approved, you will sign a contract and pay the fee for the horse. CHR will provide you with all the relevant health information for your new horse and then you and your new horse can begin your new life together! 😊

If a person wants to help the CHR horses in need but they cannot adopt or foster a horse, they can Sponsor a horse! This is a wonderful program that allows you to donate money for a specific horse at CHR. If you donate at least $100/month for a full year, or $1200 paid in total at once, you can have a monthly visit with the horse you have sponsored and be assisted by a CHR representative. You will be able to interact with and care for the horse during your visit! The horses will benefit from your extra attention which will help them get ready faster for their adoption!

Sometimes there are horse owners who experience hardship wherein they just need a bit of help over the short-term to be able to continue keeping their horse(s) in their family. CHR has created the Leg Up Program to be of help in these situations. This program provides short-term financial assistance to help with basic care, daily feeding, emergency veterinary care, gelding services, and even euthanasia when that is the appropriate intervention. All monies are sent directly to the equine service provider and not to the horse owner. When an owner recognizes that their situation will extend beyond the short-term, then they are encouraged to consider the Rehoming option through CHR.

The Rehoming option is available at CHR and allows responsible owners to ensure that their horses have a safe transition to their new future forever home. CHR is always running at near or full capacity (60 horses). They have a very organized way of helping people with the rehoming process. First you need to submit the rehoming application, then a staff member will contact you within a week. It is likely that your horse will be put on a waitlist initially, but as soon as they have a spot for your horse at the CHR facility, they will notify you and have you prepare all the documentation that is needed for the rehoming process. You can either transport your horse yourself to the CHR facility, or CHR can pick up your horse for a fee. Once at CHR, the staff and trainers will evaluate your horse and provide for its needs until it is adopted.

Sweet Pea!

A horse that was rescued by CHR and is now ready to find her forever loving home! 


Another great strategy to help save the unwanted horses is the Annie Project! This was begun by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope, a horse rescue in Franktown, Colorado, that I have written about in the BWC For Horse Lovers December 2020 Newsletter!

The Annie Project gives guest and dude ranches a new option for their retiring horses. Instead of going to an auction where they are in danger of entering the slaughter pipeline, CHR is now offering these wonderful horses who served often many years carrying riders through the Colorado mountains, a second chance for a forever home! Bravo!


CHR stats: overall there was a 280% increase in adoptions from 2014-2019


  • 163 safe solutions for horses at risk
  • 61 horses adopted
  • 320 people attended educational CHR clinics
  • 22 horses were saved at auction
  • 46 owners helped with rehoming
  • 148 volunteers gave over 11,000 hours of love and attention to the horses at CHR
  • 99 corporate leaders were inspired through the LeadChange program


2021 Educational programs at CHR:

6/12/21 – Gaining Confidence Clinic with Colter Heap – build your horses’ confidence while building a strong relationship!

6/26/21 – Trailering and Loading Clinic – super important advice!

7/14/21 – The Power of Liberty with Patrick Sullivan - a 5-day event!

8/21/21 – An Introduction to Positive Reinforcement with Susan Chandler


How to Donate to CHR:

  • You can give a one-time or a recurring donation at
  • Honorary Gifts and Memorials – give to CHR to honor a horse lover or some other special person in your life! Please visit:
  • Bequests – leave a lasting legacy and create a life-changing impact by including CHR in your will. Please see:
  • Other Ways to Support CHR:

    • Donate a Vehicle: CHR works with Arc for Charity wherein the proceeds from a donated vehicle go directly to CHR!
    • In-Kind Donations: tack, horse hay and feed, veterinary supplies, barn supplies, facility supplies, office supplies.


Volunteer at CHR:

CHR so appreciates the incredible volunteer spirit of so many individuals each year!

They have 3 groups of volunteers:

  • Independent Volunteer: You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Youth Volunteer: Between 14-18 years of age and must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • Companies, Clubs, and other Organizations: can arrange for a group day of service to help the horses.

All volunteers must apply and be interviewed and then once accepted CHR will put you to work helping the horses! 😊 



Ryder born to his rescued mom at CHR!


Internship Opportunities at CHR:

  • Equine Training Internships - CHR partners with Colorado State University to help students enrolled in Equine Studies learn all aspects of working with rescue horses.
  • Non-Profit Internships – CHR facilitates training in equine management and non-profit management.


As you can see the Colorado Horse Rescue is determined “that no horse falls through the cracks!” They are extremely grateful to the community of generous donors, volunteers, and all others who participate in saving the lives of all the deserving horses who are fortunate to come to CHR. Please open your heart to lending a helping hand in whatever way you can for the welfare of the equines in need.

Cate :)




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